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Title: Technological aspects of probiotics obtaining
Authors: Starovoitova, Svitlana
Skrotska, Oksana
Keywords: technology
probiotic microorganisms
пробіотичні мікроорганізми
пробиотические микроорганизмы
кафедра біотехнології і мікробіології
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Starovoitova, S. Technological aspects of probiotics obtaining / S. A. Starovoitova, O. I. Skrotska // Science and Education a New Dimension. Natural and Technical Sciences. – 2014. – V. II (3), Issue: 21. – P. 29 – 33.
Abstract: Сurrent groups of drugs using for correction of the humans normal microflora were reviewed. The types of problems and promising directions for improving probiotics were shown. Different probiotic's drug-forms were considered, and the possible aspects of the efficiency of bacterial agents were shown. Technological methods to improve technologies of obtaining and extending the shelf life of probiotic were analyzed. The technology of polystrain substance of probiotic with high therapeutic properties and spread spectrum of therapeutic action were shown
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