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Title: About Some Physical Properties of Water in Nanosistems and the Possible Mechanism of Superconductivity Induction by Water in Compounds and
Authors: Martseniuk, Oleksandr
Martseniuk, Liudmyla
Kurik, Mikhail
Keywords: nanowater
coherent domains
coherent water
near- surface water
water phases
когерентные домены
СПЕ- эффект
когерентная вода
приповерхностная вода
фазы воды
свойства воды
когерентні домени
СПЕ- ефект
когерентна вода
приповерхнева вода
фази води
властивості води
кафедра процесів і апаратів харчових виробництв
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Martseniuk, L. S. About Some Physical Properties of Water in Nanosystems and the Possible Mechanism of Superconductivity Induction by Water in Compounds SrFe2As2 and FeTe0,8S0,2. / L. S. Martseniuk, A. S. Martseniuk, M. V. Kyrik // In: Nanocomposites, Nanophotonics, Nanobiotechnology, and Applications : Selected Proceedings of the Second FP7 Conference and International Summer School Nanotechnology: From Fundamental Research to Innovations, August 25-September 1. / editors: Fesenko O., Yatsenko L. - Bukovel, Ukraine : Springer, 2013. - Chapter 16. - Р. 187-206.
Abstract: Work is devoted to the analysis of properties of water, diffused in the layered compounds and . We offer for the first time the mechanism of effect, recently opened by the Japanese researchers, of inducing of superconductivity by water in these compounds. For this purpose a positions of the theory of water molecules condensation in a liquid states, developed by J.Preparata from a statements of quantum electrodynamics, have been used. Water, diffused in compounds, forms nanosistems, - the individual layers, parallel to ferriferous layers of compounds, and at some properties is similar to EZ-water, which are well described by this theory. Therefore it is necessary to expect, that at low temperatures such nanowater will differ from usual ice.
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