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Title: Quality as a component criteria of competitiveness
Authors: Korotuha, Ekaterina
Bozhok, Natalia
Keywords: competitiveness
кафедра ділової іноземної мови та міжнародної комунікації
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Korotuha, K. Quality as a component criteria of competitiveness / Katya Korotuha, Nataliya Bozhok // Наукові здобутки молоді – вирішенню проблем харчування людства у ХХІ столітті : програма і матеріали 80 міжнародної наукової конференції молодих учених, аспірантів і студентів, 10–11 квітня 2014 р. – К. : НУХТ, 2014. – Ч. 4. – С. 475-477.
Abstract: The concept of competitiveness of the goods can be defined as a complex characteristic that determines its edge in the market compared to similar competing products as the degree of compliance with a specific social need, and on the cost to its satisfaction, that provides an opportunity of realization this product in a particular time on a particular market. It turns out that the competitiveness is conditioned by qualitative and costly product features that are counted by the buyer in accordance with their direct relevance to the needs. Most scientists define it as the suitability of products for consumption or reliability. From a scientific point of view, this concept has a somewhat broader meaning. According to standard ISO 9000-2005, Quality - is the degree to which a set of its own characteristics of the product, process or system meets the stated needs or expectations, commonly understandable or required.
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