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dc.contributor.authorSavenko, Inga-
dc.contributor.authorPirog, Tatiana-
dc.contributor.authorSkrotska, Oksana-
dc.identifier.citationSavenko, I. The effect of Аcinetobacter calcoaceticus IMV B-7241 surfactantas on microbial adhesion to abiotic surfaces / I. Savenko, T. Pirog, O. Skrotska // Аpriori : электронный научный журнал. – 2014. - № 5. – С. 10. − Режим доступа: - (Естественные и технические науки).uk_UA
dc.description.abstractWe have studied the effect of surface-active substances (SAS, surfactants) of Acinetobacter calcoaceticus IMV B-7241 with various degree of purification (the supernatant of culture liquid, the solution of SAS, 0,001-0,036 mg/ml) for the attachment of bacteria and fungi to abiotic surfaces. The degree of adhesion of the test-cultures depended on the material’s type and the concentration of SAS in the preparations. The preparation 1 (supernatant) with the concentration of SAS 0,005-0,009 mg/ml was the more effective: after treatment of the abiotic materials with this preparation the number of attached cells of bacteria and fungi decreased on average 45-60 %.uk_UA
dc.subjectAcinetobacter calcoaceticus IMV B-7241uk_UA
dc.subjectabiotic materialsuk_UA
dc.subjectповерхностно-активные веществаuk_UA
dc.subjectабиотические материалыuk_UA
dc.subjectповерхнево-активні речовиниuk_UA
dc.subjectабіотичні матеріалиuk_UA
dc.subjectкафедра біотехнології і мікробіологіїuk_UA
dc.titleThe effect of Аcinetobacter calcoaceticus IMV B-7241 surfactantas on microbial adhesion to abiotic surfacesuk_UA
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