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Title: Control of the sugar factory diffuse station as a complex technological process
Authors: Sidletskyi, Victor
Elperin, Igor
Keywords: management system
decision support subsystem
diffusion station
traffic task
game theory
система управління
підсистема підтримки прийняття рішень
диффузійна станція
задача трафіку
теорія ігор
система управления
подсистема поддержки принятия решений
диффузное станция
задача трафика
теория игр
кафедра автоматизації та комп'ютерних технологій систем управління
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Sidletskyi, V. M. Control of the sugar factory diffuse station as a complex technological process / V. M. Sidletskyi, I. V. Elperin // Gazeta Cukrownicza : XXV Konferencja Pokampanijna STC, 21-22 February 2013. — Warsaw, 2/2013. – Р. 81-85.
Abstract: The article gives an example how to improve the existing automated management systems of the sugar factory diffusion station by supplementing it with decision support subsystem that helps the operator to properly assess the situation and take appropriate action. In this case new approaches were used to develop management systems, where on the basis of information, obtained from the automatic control system, the operator (the results of visual inspection of the equipment) and the data of raw materials and factory laboratory were formed recommendations on adjusting technological parameters to maintain quality indicators of diffusion process.
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