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Title: Microbial surface-active substances as antiadhesive agents
Authors: Pirog, Tatiana
Savenko, Inga
Lutsay, Dariya
Keywords: кафедра біотехнології і мікробіології
surface-active substances of microbial origin
microbial adhesion
biofilm disruption
поверхнево-активні речовини мікробного походження
адгезія мікроорганізмів
руйнування біоплівки
поверхностно-активные вещества микробного происхождения
адгезия микроорганизмов
разрушение биопленки
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Pirog, T. Microbial surface-active substances as antiadhesive agents / T. Pirog, I. Savenko, D. Lutsay // Biotechnologia acta. − 2016. − V. 9, N 3. − Р. 7−22.
Abstract: The literature data of recent years about capacity of biosurfactants synthesized by bacteria (Pseudomonas, Lactobacillus, Bacillus) and fungi (Candida, Trichosporon, Saccharomyces) not only to avert the adhesion of microorganisms on the different materials, but also to destroy formed biofilms on them were presented. The perspective of biosurfactants to prevent pathogens colonization on biotic and abiotic surfaces, that is known, can be a reason of cause and spread of infectious diseases was discussed. The data of our researches about antiadhesive properties of biosurfactants synthesized by Acinetobacter calcoaceticus IMV B-7241, Nocardia vaccinii IMV B-7405 and Rhodococcus erythropolis IMV Ac-5017 were presented.
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