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Title: Computer integrated manufacturing: overview of modern standards
Authors: Pupena, Alexander
Elperin, Igor
Mirkevich, Roman
Klimenko, Oleg
Keywords: ISA-95
Manufacturing Operations Management
кафедра автоматизації та комп'ютерних технологій систем управління
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Computer integrated manufacturing: overview of modern standards / A.Рupena, I. Elperin, R. Mirkevich, O. Klymenko. // Automation of Technological and Business - Processes. – 2016. – №3. – С. 63–74.
Abstract: The article deals with modern international standards ISA-95 and ISA-88 to develop integrated automated control systems. Shown scope of standards in the context of a hierarchical model of the enterprise. Article built in such a way to describe the essence of the standards in the light of the basic descriptive models: product definition, resources, schedules and actual performance of production activities. Description of the product definition given by hierarchical presentation of products at various levels of management. Much attention is given to describe this type of resources like equipment, which is logical chain to all these standards. For example, the standard batch process control shows the relationship between the definition of product and equipment on which it is made. The article shows the hierarchy of planning ERP-MES / MOM-SCADA (in terms of standard ISA-95), which traced the decomposition of common production plans of enterprises for specific works at APCS. We consider the appointment of the actual performance of production at MES / MON considering KPI. A general scheme diagram of the relationship of activities and information flows between the functions of generalized picture shown operating on a level MES / MOM. Finished article rationale for distribution, approval and development of standards ISA-88 and ISA-95 in Ukraine. The article has an overview and can be useful to specialists in computer-integrated systems control and management of industrial enterprises, system integrators and suppliers.
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