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Title: How to Learn : from different cultural backgrounds
Authors: Kokhan, Olena M.
Mykhailova, Nelia
Keywords: research
learning strategies
стратегії навчання
кафедра іноземних мов професійного спрямування
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Kohan, O. How to Learn : from different cultural backgrounds / O. Kohan, N. Mykhailova // Materials of the VIII International scientific-practical conference "The latest scientific advances - 2012", Sofia, 17-25 Bereznev 2012 p. - Sofia: "Byal GRAD-BG" LTD, 2012. - T. 16. - P. 77-82.
Abstract: English as an international language has been taught in almost all countries in the world. The study reported here tries to focus on how the learners from different cultural background learn a foreign language using their language learning strategies. The use of language learning strategies by the students, however, is influenced by many factors-motivation, gender, cultural background, type of task, age and learning style.
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