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Title: Research on technological properties of potato cellulose for bread production
Authors: Silchuk, Tatiana
Nazar, Mariana
Holikova, Tatiana
Keywords: wheat flour
potato cellulose
food fibers
пшеничная мука
картофельная клетчатка
пищевые волокна
пшеничне борошно
картопляна клітковина
харчові волокна
кафедра готельно-ресторанної справи
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Silchuk, T. Research on technological properties of potato cellulosefor bread production / T. Silchuk, M. Nazar, T. Golikova // Food and Environment Safety, Journal of Faculty of Food Engineering, Ştefan cel Mare University – Suceava, 2016. - Volume XV, Issue 4. – P. 299–305.
Abstract: The problem of deficiency of food fibers in food rations leads to the necessity of searching new sources of ballast compounds. One of the perspective ways of solving this problem is the use of potato cellulose to fortify by food fibers daily used products such as bread and bakery products. Potato cellulose is a high dispersive and contains a high amount of food fibers. Water absorption of potato cellulose has been investigated as well as its effect on the quality of dough and bread. Potato cellulose has water absorption between 1.5 … 2 times higher than in wheat bran thus giving the possibility of making ready products of proper quality. The effect of food cellulose addition to the gluten content in dough has been presented. The expediency of potato cellulose used to enrich ready bread products has been proven.
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