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Title: Proteinaceous food concentrates from green mass of plants
Other Titles: Білковмісні харчові концентрати з зеленої маси рослин
Authors: Simahina, Galina
Solodko, Liliya
Сімахіна, Галина Олександрівна
Солодко, Лілія Миколаївна
Keywords: кафедра технології оздоровчих продуктів
зелена маса рослин
білковмісні концентрати
оздоровче харчування
зеленая масса растений
белоксодержащие концентраты
оздоровительное питание
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Simakhina, G. Proteinaceous food concentrates from green mass of plants / Galyna Simakhina, Liliya Solodko // The Advanced Science. – 2013. – Is. 1. - P. 21-25
Abstract: Widening the production of food protein and formation of its structure are the most important and difficult tasks for common and healthy nutrition. Constantly deepening deficit of food protein is conditioning the searches for its new sources, including those non-traditional. According to the experts, the productivity of animal origin protein has practically reached its biological limits, and searching for other sources of protein would be possible among the plants. Therefore, the objectives of this article are to prove scientifically and to confirm experimentally the expedience of using the green mass of various plants. The subjects for researching are the overground parts of beets, carrot, spinach, purslane, ramsons, nettle etc. collected in summertime. The object is the amino acid content and biological value of green mass of plants, fractional composition of proteins, and the methods to process the green mass into proteinaceous concentrates.
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