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Title: Methods of determination of parameters of fermented whey-malty mixtures
Authors: Tsygankov, Sergii
Ushkarenko, Viktor
Grek, Olena
Krasulya, Olena
Ushkarenko, Iuliia
Tymchuk, Alla
Onopriichuk, Olena
Savchenko, Alexander
Keywords: dry whey and malt
сухі молочна сироватка та солод
side fermentation products
побічні продукти бродіння
кафедра технології молока і молочних продуктів
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Methods of determination of parameters of fermented whey-malty mixtures / S. Tsygankov, V. Ushkarenko, O. Grek et. al // EUREKA: Life Sciences. – 2018. – № 5. – P. 30-38
Abstract: The methods of accumulation of yeast cells Kluyveromyces lactis 469 and their percent with glycogen from the general concentration at fermentation of wort of the restored mixture at different ratios of dry malt and whey are offered and results are obtained. According to the obtained data, it was established, that yeast cells actively developed in the period from 4 to 16 fermentation hour at the ratio of malt and whey in the restored mixture as 1:1,5 and 1:2. The increment of cells with glycogen in mixtures with the ratio – malt:whey as 1,5:1 and 2:1 was intensive. Thus, at 36 hour of fermentation the amount of yeast was 67,2 and 68,9 % respectively from the total number of cells.
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