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Title: Improved and extreme geometro-kinematic parameters of high-loaded hyperboloid gears
Authors: Nosko, Pavlo
Kashkarov, Sergii
Bashta, Oleksandr
Tsibriy, Yurii
Bashta (Sheremet), Alla
Keywords: high-loaded hyperboloid gears
geometro-kinematic parameters
speed of teeth rolling
factor of specific sliding
високонавантажені гіперболоїдні передачі
геометрично-кінематичні параметри
швидкість кочення зубців
коефіцієнт питомого ковзання
кафедра технології оздоровчих продуктів
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Improved and extreme geometro-kinematic parameters of high-loaded hyperboloid gears / P. Nosko, S. Kashkarov, O. Bashta, Yu. Tsibriy, A. Bashta // Проблеми тертя та зношування. – 2019. – № 3 (84). – P. 63–68.
Abstract: Creation high-loaded hyperboloid gears with improved and extreme geometrykinematic parameters on the basis of quasi hyperboloid gearings – a perspective and effective direction in increase of technical and economic characteristics of reducers. Use of any reserves in manufacture hyperboloid gears and reducers can give and already really gives considerable economic benefit at the expense of improvement of a design, increase of labor productivity, improvement of quality, decrease in the cost price, increase of competitiveness of production.
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