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Title: Wastewater treatment from nitrogen compounds
Authors: Semenova, Olena
Bublienko, Natalia
Suleyko, Tetiana
Reshetnyak, Lyudmila
Keywords: wastewater
nitrogen-containing compounds
activated sludge
biochemical purification
стічні води
азотовмісні сполуки
активний мул
біохімічне очищення
кафедра екологічної безпеки та охорони праці
кафедра біотехнології і мікробіології
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Wastewater treatment from nitrogen compounds / O. Semenova, N. Bublienko, T. Suleyko, L. Reshetniak // The scientific heritage. – № 43, Vol. 2. – 2020. – P. 37 – 41.
Abstract: Increasing the concentration of nitrogen compounds in wastewater has led to a deterioration of surface water quality, which is the main source of economic drinking water supply for the vast majority of Ukrainians. The Government of reservoirs in the territory of Ukraine recorded an excess of norms for ammonia nitrogen – 2 – 15 times, nitrates – 7 – 20 times. The consequences of contamination with nitrogen compounds are eutrophication, which is caused by hypertrophied development of algae («flowering»); reducing oxygen content. We have proposed biological sewage treatment with this type of contamination.
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