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Title: Search for methanotrophic producers of exopolysaccharides
Authors: Malashenko, Yuri
Pirog, Tatiana
Romanovska, V.
Malashenko, Yuri
Sokolov, I.
Grinberg, Tamara
Keywords: exopolysaccharides
methanotroph strains
chemostat cultivation
метанотрофные штаммы
хемостат культивирования
метанотрофні штами
хемостат культивування
кафедра біотехнології і мікробіології
Issue Date: 2001
Citation: Search for methanotrophic producers of exopolysaccharides / Yu. Malashenko, T. Pirog, V. Romanovska, I. Sokolov, T. Grinberg // Search for methanotrophic producers of exopolysaccharides. – 2001. - Vol. 37, No. 6 – P. 599-602.
Abstract: Bacteria that produce exopolysaccharides (EPS) and use methane as the only source of carbon were selected by studying a collection of methanotroph strains: Methylococcus capsulatus E 494, 874, and 3009; M. thermophilus 111p, 112p, and 119p; Methylobacter ucrainicus 159 and 161; M. luteus 57v and 12b; Methylobacter sp. 100; Methylomonas rubra 15 sh and SK-32; Methylosinus trichosporium OV3b, OV5b, and 4e; M. sporium 5,12, A20d, and 90v; and Methylocystis parvus OVVP. Mesophilic methanotroph strains with the ribulose monophosphate way of C1-compound assimilation synthesized EPS more actively than bacteria operating the serine cycle. The dynamics of EPS synthesis by methanotrophs during chemostat cultivation was studied.
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