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Title: On "Literary mastery" as an esthetic category
Authors: Naumenko, Nataliia
Keywords: literary work
literary mastery
artistic psychology
літературний твір
літературна майстерність
художня психологія
кафедра гуманітарних дисциплін
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Naumenko, N. On "Literary mastery” as an esthetic category / N. Naumenko // The Advanced Science Journal. – 2012. – Issue 1. – P. 87–92.
Abstract: Literary skill, or literary mastery, is taken to consideration as the way to develop one’s ability to ‘feel’ the word and to get into its secrets, to turn one’s own worldview into a literary work and to transform the entire world with its help. Those writers who tried to define ‘literary mastery’ as an esthetic category outlined some certain aspects of this notion (like poetic ear, workability, knowledge in the field of verse or prose writing); however, each attempt of determination was incomplete due to the versatility of terms and phenomena that could be described as literary mastery. In this paper, upon studying the individual ways to creation, we confirmed the mentioned category as a core point in contemporary Ukrainian literary studies.
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