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Title: Rye-wheat bread production at the restaurants
Authors: Silchuk, Tatiana
Kovalenko, Anna
Keywords: rye flour
enzymatic additives
ржаная мука
ферментные препараты
житнє борошно
ферментні препарати
кафедра готельно-ресторанної справи
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Silchuk, T. Rye-wheat bread production at the restaurants / T. Silchuk, А. Kovalenko // Ukrainian Journal of Food Science. – 2013. – № 1. – P. 58-63.
Abstract: The technological process of dough-making of rye flour on accelerated technology with using of "Ibis" integrated (complex) bakery improvers is investigated. The Influence of "Ibis" improvers on the process of accumulation of acids, structural and mechanical properties of dough and quality of bread is analysed. It is set that using of "Ibis" integrated bakery improvers allows to reduce the duration of products maturation, provides high porosity and specific volume of bread. The results of our research showed that with using more improvers the porosity of the bread increases. It also increases the specific volume of bread; makes crumb more elastic, good taste and bread flavor. Detailed laboratory baking and researching of viscidity, plasticity structural and mechanical properties of rye-wheat dough prove the effectiveness of using the integrated (complex) bakery "Ibis" improver for accelerated technologies of rye-wheat bread production. Using this improver will reduce the duration of technological process of bread producing while maintaining the quality of finished products.
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