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Title: Evaluation of the options by the consumers in process of buying enterprises`s goods
Authors: Belova, Tatyana
Mosiyevych, V.
Krainiuchenko (Fornolyak), Olga
Бєлова, Тетяна Геннадіївна
Мосиєвич, В.
Крайнюченко (Форноляк), Ольга Феодосіївна
Keywords: evaluation of options in the process of buying
an alternative in choosing
a method of cost consumers’ properties
a model of the expected value
оцінювання варіантів в процесі купівлі
метод вартості споживчих властивостей
модель очікуваної вартості
оценка вариантов в процессе покупки
метод стоимости потребительских свойств
модель ожидаемой стоимости
кафедра маркетингу
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Belova, T. Evaluation of the options by the consumers in process of buying enterprises`s goods / T. Belova, V. Mosiyevych, O. Krainyuchenko // Nauka I Studia. – 2013. - № 1. – С. 32-36.
Abstract: It was made the analysis of one of the most important stage of the process of consumer decision to buy goods. This stage is estimation and choice among several alternative products or brands the one which would satisfy the buyer. It was explained the essence of two methods of assessment consumers’ preferences: the cost method of consumer’s characteristics and model of the expected value.
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