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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Development prospects of hotel аnd restaurant business in UkraineDotsenko, Viktor; Arpul (Oleksiichuk), Oksana; Galynska, Olena; Pushka, Olga
2013Dolphinarium hotel as innovative type of health centreArpul (Oleksiichuk), Oksana; Tyshchenko (Usatiuk), Olena; Riabokon, Tetiana
2015Effectiveness of fortification of food fibresKobets (Zadorozhnia), Elena; Dotsenko, Viktor; Arpul (Oleksiichuk), Oksana; Smirnova, Elizabeth
2013Innovative breakthrough in the restaurant industryArpul (Oleksiichuk), Oksana; Bloshchinska (Dudkina), Olena
2018Perspective approaches to the formation of the product range of hotel and restaurant businessDotsenko, Viktor; Arpul (Oleksiichuk), Oksana; Spilchuk (Molokova), Anastasia
2012Spherification as a prospective technique of product production at restaurantsDotsenko, Viktor; Arpul (Oleksiichuk), Oksana; Tyshchenko (Usatiuk), Olena; Bloshchinska (Dudkina), Olena
2013The development of the restaurants’ chain in the capital region of UkraineDotsenko, Viktor; Arpul (Oleksiichuk), Oksana; Bondar, Natalia; Yemchuk, Tetiana; Bloshchinska (Dudkina), Olena
2015The use of plant materials in culinary products out of yeasted doughArpul (Oleksiichuk), Oksana; Silchuk, Tatiana; Zuiko (Kulinich), Vira; Tyshchenko (Usatiuk), Olena
2016Use of dietary fibre concentrates in semi-finished biscuits technologyKobets (Zadorozhnia), Elena; Arpul (Oleksiichuk), Oksana; Dotsenko, Viktor; Dovgun, Irina
2016Vegetable oils as a source of functional ingredientsKobets (Zadorozhnia), Elena; Arpul (Oleksiichuk), Oksana; Dotsenko, Viktor
2015Wheat fibre impact on flour confectionery products qualityKobets (Zadorozhnia), Elena; Dotsenko, Viktor; Arpul (Oleksiichuk), Oksana; Dovgun, Irina