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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Influence of citrate, lactate and calcium carbonate on microbiological and biochemical processes in doughShevchenko, Anastasiia; Drobot, Vira; Smirnova, Elizabeth
2021Influence of food additive – sunflower lecithin on the properties of dough for manufacturing bakery productsShevchenko, Anastasiia; Drobot, Vira
2023Influence of pumpkin cellulose on conformational transformations in dough and bread from wheat flourShevchenko, Anastasiia; Litvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana; Drobot, Vira; Shevchenko, Oleksandr
2021Influence of pumpkin processing products on structural and mechanical properties of dough and bread qualityDrobot, Vira; Shevchenko, Anastasiia
2018Influence of whey protein on the technological process of making bread with fructose and mineralsShevchenko, Anastasiia; Drobot, Vira
2017Nutritional value and consumer properties of bakery products with fructose for diabetic nutritionDrobot, Vira; Shevchenko, Anastasiia
2022Structural and mechanical properties of dough with oat bran and phospholipidsShevchenko, Anastasiia; Drobot, Vira
2013Technology of shelf life bread extendingSilchuk, Tatiana; Drobot, Vira; Kokhan, Olena M.
2016The influence of proteins on the technological process of bread making with fructoseDrobot, Vira; Shevchenko, Anastasiia; Marchenko, Olha
2021The process of gas formation in the dough with oat bran and phospholipidsShevchenko, Anastasiia; Drobot, Vira
2019Use of dried carrot pomace in the technology of wheat bread for elderly peopleHryshchenko, Anna; Bilyk, Olena; Bondarenko, Yuliia; Kovbasa, Vladimir; Drobot, Vira
2022Use of pumpkin seed flour in preparation of bakery productsShevchenko, Anastasiia; Drobot, Vira; Galenko, Oleg
2022Use of rice flour in wheat bread technologyShevchenko, Anastasiia; Drobot, Vira