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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Metaphorization of the color Green in English and Ukrainian online discourseLukianets, Halyna
2023Methodology of criterion analysis and synthesis of dosing and packaging modules for bulk productionGavva, Oleksandr M.; Kryvoplias-Volodina, Liudmyla; Lukianets, Halyna
2020Multiple semantics of black and white in online fashion discourse (based on Сhanel fashion stories)Lukianets, Halyna
2022Needs and emotions creating strong customer’s motivation in tourismLukianets, Halyna
2016Omega-3 deficienciesPyhachov, Sviatislav; Lukianets, Halyna
2013Professional English for CommunicationSmirnova, Elizabeth; Mykhailova, Nelia; Chala, Kateryna; Yurchuk, Lyudmila; Kokhan, Olena M.; Yanenko, Larisa; Lukianets, Halyna; Rusakova, Anna; Boyko, Anna; Tkachenko, Nataliya
2023Promises and perils of AI use on the tertiary educational levelLukianets, Halyna; Lukianets, Tatiana
2019Search for alternative filtering materials in production of beveragesTarasiuk, Lesia; Lukianets, Halyna; Oliynyk, Svitlana
2019Selection of place to stay while travellingLukianets, Halyna; Kovalchuk, O.
2018Semantic extensions of Green Colour Terms in Contemporary English and Ukrainian FictionLukianets, Halyna
2015Senses and taste of the finest Italian wineSroikevich, Catherine; Lukianets, Halyna
2015Spain Cellar Tour: luxury and tasteLukianets, Halyna
2023Substantiation of meat semi-finished products with the use of taste compositionsDanylevych, Inna; Pasichnyi, Vasyl; Lukianets, Halyna
2023Technology of multicomponent albumin productSoloviov, Nikita; Tymchuk, Alla; Lukianets, Halyna
2023The problem of selenium deficiency and its solutionKhonkiv, Myroslav; Lukianets, Halyna
2023Theoretical justification of the usage of structure-forming compositions in the technology of meat-containing chopped semi-finished productsPerhat, Oleh; Strashynskyi, Igor; Lukianets, Halyna
2023Theoretical substantiation of the use of functional compounds based on hydrocolloids and enzymes in the technology of boiled sausagesIepishkin, Sergii; Strashynskyi, Igor; Lukianets, Halyna
2017Tourism in digital eraMaksymova, Viltoriia; Lukianets, Halyna
2019Training systems for staff in hotel industryLukianets, Halyna; Yevstafiev, V.
2018Transfer of green-зелений colour meaning in English and Ukrainian fictionLukianets, Halyna