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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Baromembrane methods for separation of disillery stillageZmievskiy, Yuriy; Dzyazko, Yulia; Kornienko, Ludmila; Zakharov, Volodymyr; Ustinov, Olexandr; Mironchuk, Valeriy
2015Comparative analysis of beet cossettes extraction of different profiles on the industrial extractorsLulka, Alexander; Lulka, Dmitriy; Mironchuk, Valeriy; Bulah, Eugen
2018Deep processing of permeate after nano-filtration (nf) of milky wheyZakharov, Volodymyr; Zmievskiy, Yuriy; Ustinov, Olexandr; Dzyazko, Yulia; Mironchuk, Valeriy
2012Determination of nanofiltrated membrane mass transfer resistance after separation of wheyZmievskiy, Yuriy; Mironchuk, Valeriy; Kucheruk, Dmitri
2013Determination of nanofiltrated membrane mass transfer resistance after separation of wheyZmievskiy, Yuriy; Kirichuk, Ivanna; Mironchuk, Valeriy
2014Eduction of equilibrium state in vodkas by means of 1H NMR spectroscopyKuzmin, Oleg; Topol’nik, Vera; Mironchuk, Valeriy
1999Forecasting of performance parameters of the sugar house in the sugar factoryMironchuk, Valeriy; Gulyy, Ivan; Shtangeeva, Nadiya; Yeshchenko, Oksana
2021Intensification of the inverted sugar syrup production using the rotor-pulsation processingObodovych, Oleksandr; Shevchenko, Oleksandr; Mironchuk, Valeriy; Lymar, Valerii; Sydorenko, Vitalii; Yakobchuk, Roman
2016Reverse osmosis for concentration of sugar beet juice after the second carbonationZmievskiy, Yuriy; Mironchuk, Valeriy
2011Separation of whey by membrane distillationZmievskiy, Yuriy; Mironchuk, Valeriy; Kucheruk, Dmitri
2013Sucrose cooling crystallization modelingMironchuk, Valeriy; Yeshchenko, Oksana; Samilyk, Marina
2003Technological innovations in the beet sugar productionGulyy, Ivan; Mironchuk, Valeriy; Zaets, Yulia; Kupchik, Michael; Mank, Valeriy
2016The extracting of saccharose from the beet cossettes of different typesLulka, Alexander; Mironchuk, Valeriy; Lulka, Dmitriy
2014Treatment of dairy effluent model solutions by nanofiltration and reverse osmosisKirichuk, Ivanna; Zmievskiy, Yuriy; Mironchuk, Valeriy