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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Development of environmental auditing in UkraineNychyk, Oksana; Salavor, Oksana
2016Environmental assessment of rivers in the Kiev region (Ukraine) according to the health and indicatorsShumigay, I. V.; Togachynska, Olga; Nychyk, Oksana; Salavor, Oksana; Bereza-Kіndzerska, Ludmila
2013Environmental audit of bread-baking plantPetrenko, Yulia; Nychyk, Oksana; Salavor, Oksana
2018Environmental policies of the European union as a roadmap for modern UkraineYakymenko, Igor; Salavor, Oksana; Shapovalov, Yevhenii
2022Experience of municipal waste processing in EUHulevatа, Iryna; Salavor, Oksana; Nychyk, Oksana; Bublienko, Natalia
2021Formation of European environment culture and consciousness of students in UkraineMykhalevych, Artur; Salavor, Oksana
2015Improved flowsheet of wastewater treatment from nitrogen a containing compoundsSemenova, Olena; Reshetnyak, Lyudmila; Bublienko, Natalia; Salavor, Oksana; Smirnova, Elizabeth
2019Jean Monnet Chair «European union policies, regulations and best practices in sustainable food production and consumption»Yakymenko, Igor; Salavor, Oksana; Sebkova, Katarina; Shapovalov, Yevhenii
2013Problems and prospects of environmental audit in UkraineSiryk, D.; Nychyk, Oksana; Salavor, Oksana
2016Scientific basis of enviromental assessment in food processingTogachynska, Olga; Nychyk, Oksana; Yurchuk, Lyudmila; Salavor, Oksana
2021The micronutrient profile of medicinal plant extractsZheplinska, Mariia; Mushtruk, Mikhail; Vasyliv, Vladimir; Kuts, Anatoly; Slobodyanyuk, Natalia; Bal-Prylypko, Larysa; Nikolaenko, Mykola; Kokhan, Olena M.; Reznichenko, Yuriy; Salavor, Oksana
2021The technological properties of winter wheat grain during long-termYashchuk, Nadiia; Matseiko, Liudmyla; Bober, Anatolii; Kobernyk, Matvei; Gunko, Sergiy; Grevtseva, Nataliya; Boyko, Yuriy; Salavor, Oksana; Bublienko, Natalia; Babich, Irina
2013The use of ISO standards in the organization of environmental managemement systemsKrekoten, Roman; Salavor, Oksana; Nychyk, Oksana
2020Thermal insulation`s development of the furnace vault as a way to improve energy efficiency of glassware productionMykhalevych, Artur; Salavor, Oksana
2022Utilization of food waste in European UnionHulevatа, Iryna; Salavor, Oksana; Nychyk, Oksana; Bublienko, Natalia
2013Yellow sugars from beet and environmental safetyNychyk, Oksana; Salavor, Oksana