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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Antibacterial biodegradable films for foodsChorna, Anastasia; Shulga, Oksana; Arsenieva, Larisa; Gregirchak, Natalia; Zusko, Kateruna; Riabov, Sergiy; Kobylinskyi, Sergiy; Goncharenko, Ludmila
2016Edible coating as a factor of preserving freshness and increasing biological value of gingerbread cakesShulga, Oksana; Chorna, Anastasia; Arsenieva, Larisa; Gol, Artem
2016Edible films enriched by elaminChorna, Anastasia; Shulga, Oksana; Arsenieva, Larisa; Petrenko, Olena
2014Fats Conversion in the Technological Processing and their Detection of FalsificationKononchuk, Victoria; Arsenieva, Larisa
2015Finely dispersed spicy-aromatic and carotene containing raw materials as surfactants for oil in water emulsionLiavynets, Heorhii; Ishchenko, Tatiana; Havrysh, Andrey; Niemirich, Oleksandra; Arsenieva, Larisa; Dovgun, Irina
2013Improving recipe composition and technology of bread sticksArsenieva, Larisa; Yaschenko, Victoria; Smirnova, Elizabeth
2016Influence of organic plasticizers on sensory, physicalmechanical properties and chemical changes of biodegradable filmsShulga, Oksana; Chorna, Anastasia; Arsenieva, Larisa
2016Infrared Spectroscopy for Studying Foods and Biodegradable PackagingShulga, Oksana; Chorna, Anastasia; Arsenieva, Larisa; Shulga, Serhij
2016-05Modern method of determining the porosity of bakery productsDaschynska, Olga; Petrusha, Oksana; Arsenieva, Larisa
2020Morphology characterization of quartz-microbalance polymeric coatings for sorption of volatile compounds from food productsKalinichenko, Asya; Arsenieva, Larisa
2013Pleurotus ostreatus mushrooms – perspective ingredient for bakery industryYaschenko, Victoria; Arsenieva, Larisa; Smirnova, Elizabeth
2013Prospects for the use of sea kelp in technology of pastry productsSharan, Larisa; Bura, Anna; Arsenieva, Larisa; Sharan, Andrii; Kokhan, Olena M.
2012The course of biochemical processes in fermenting-forming aggregateZarubina, Victoria; Arsenieva, Larisa; Smirnova, Elizabeth
2012Total phenolic content and free radical scavenging activity of extracts from selected plants of ukrainian flora: potential for application in functional food technologiesIvanova, Victoria; Arsenieva, Larisa
2013Using of white food lupin products in technology of functional bakery productsArsenieva, Larisa; Dotsenko, Viktor; Bondar, Natalia; Pavliuchenko, Elena; Sharan, Larisa; Tyshchenko (Usatiuk), Olena
2013Using phyto- and carotene containing raw material sinemulsion –type sauces technologyLiavynets, Heorhii; Havrysh, Andrey; Niemirich, Oleksandra; Arsenieva, Larisa; Kokhan, Olena M.