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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Active learningChala, Kateryna; Mezhynska-Bruy, Elena
2018Advantages and disadvantages of nuclear powerKoval, Alexander; Chala, Kateryna
2017Advertising Aspects of TourismIvasenko, Anastasia; Chala, Kateryna
2018Atomic energy and its significance in the soviet yearsPidhoretskii, Konstantin; Chala, Kateryna
2014Bacterial and moisture-a renewable source of clean energyLisenko, T.; Chala, Kateryna
2017Beneficial FlightShashluk, Oksana; Chala, Kateryna
2014Bread without flour and yeastPetrova, Irina; Chala, Kateryna
2014Classification of steam turbinesChornobay, Yulia; Chala, Kateryna
2014Coal mines in the industrial revolutionKorybut, Dmitry; Chala, Kateryna
2012Different approaches to the studying of communication processVlasenko, Ludmila; Chala, Kateryna
2015EcotourismBarlanytska, Natalia; Chala, Kateryna
2016EcotourismBatun, Violetta; Chala, Kateryna
2015Effective methods to improve employee productivityChala, Kateryna; Mezhynska-Bruy, Elena
2014Electrical engineeringKoval, Alexander; Chala, Kateryna
2018Electrical power industryBirchenko, Alexander; Chala, Kateryna
2014Emerging and new technologies in food science and technologyIvannik, Ekaterina; Chala, Kateryna
2018Energy sourcesTsos, Andriy; Chala, Kateryna
2014Enjoy the world of culinary possibilities!The Big Green EggRadchenko, Y.; Chala, Kateryna
2015Enotourism in ItalyChala, Kateryna; Barlanytska, Natalia
2015Enotourism in SpainChala, Kateryna; Ivasenko, Anastasia