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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Development of modeling theоretical studies on fractionating distillation parameters of natural sources of aromaFrolova, Natalia; Yushchenko (Gonchar), Natalia
2018Development of technology of Ayurvedic culinary products with natural plant componentsFrolova, Natalia; Yushchenko (Gonchar), Natalia; Sliusarenko, Viktoriya; Avramenko, Maxym; Luka, Audrey; Piatyhorets, Anton
2020Differences in the composition of vocable compounds in fresh and dried mixed heat supply of white rolled cabbageNiemirich, Oleksandra; Frolova, Natalia; Ustymenko, Ihor; Havrysh, Andrey
2019Effect of calcium chloride on sodium alginate on the restructuring of fish productsNykyforov, Radion; Korenets, Yuriі; Frolova, Natalia; Kuzmin, Oleg
2020Efficiency of gas chromatographic analysis of terpens and terpenoids of sources of aromatic substances, taking into account the polarity of the stationary phaseFrolova, Natalia; Ukrainets, Anatoliy; Niemirich, Oleksandra; Melnyk, Oksana; Ustymenko, Ihor
2020Ensuring the competitiveness of the restaurant business in Ukraine in the period Covid-19 pandemicsKuzmin, Oleg; Sylka, Iryna; Frolova, Natalia; Popovych, Anzhela; Popovych, Victoriia; Kyrpichenkova, Oksana
2021Impact of vegetable oils on the fatty acid composition of a milk-containing curd productBelemets, Tatiana; Radzievska, Irina; Yushchenko (Gonchar), Natalia; Bandura (Kuzmyk), Uliana; Pasichnyi, Vasyl; Kochubei-Lytvynenko, Oksana; Frolova, Natalia; Mykoliv, Ivan; Korablova, Olga
2021Influence of dietary supplement based on heme iron on dough properties and quality of antianemic cupcakesMatiushenko, Raisa; Niemirich, Oleksandra; Frolova, Natalia; Ustymenko, Ihor; Havrysh, Andrey; Furmanova, Yuliia; Pavliuchenko, Elena; Skyrda, Olena; Hubenia, Vyacheslav; Lulka, Alexander
2012Investigation of isolation methods of key components out of essential oilsNaumenko, Ksenia; Tyshchenko (Usatiuk), Olena; Frolova, Natalia; Chepel, Natalia
2013Investigation of separation method for aromatic substances out of essential oilsFrolova, Natalia; Chepel, Natalia; Naumenko, Ksenia; Tyshchenko (Usatiuk), Olena
2021Investigation of the effect dried food products on the properties of the butter mixture during storageVasheka, Oksana; Niemirich, Oleksandra; Frolova, Natalia; Ustymenko, Ihor; Havrysh, Andrey; Skyrda, Olena; Matyiashchuk, Olena; Fedak, Natalia; Hubenia, Vyacheslav; Lulka, Alexander
2019Investigation of using natural aromatizers of lemon essential oil in ayurvedic culinaryFrolova, Natalia; Sylka, Iryna; Niemirich, Oleksandra; Kuzmin, Oleg
2019Perspective the use of goat milk in the production of soft milk cheesesKochubei-Lytvynenko, Oksana; Korolchuk, Irina; Yushchenko (Gonchar), Natalia; Bandura (Kuzmyk), Uliana; Frolova, Natalia; Pasichnyi, Vasyl; Mykoliv, Ivan
2013Preparative simulated distillation in the technological process management of natural flavor obtainingFrolova, Natalia; Ivanova, Victoria; Karputina, Margarita
2013Regulary fremawork on flavourings in Ukraine: current state and perspectivesTyshchenko (Usatiuk), Olena; Frolova, Natalia
2019Separation of terpenes from lemon essential oil by selective fractionation under a vacuumFrolova, Natalia; Ukrainets, Anatoliy; Sylka, Iryna; Niemirich, Oleksandra; Kuzmin, Oleg
2017The method of determination of the sorption capacity of activated carbon by gas chromatographyNaumenko, Ksenia; Frolova, Natalia; Petrusha, Oksana; Chepel, Natalia
2017The use of gas chromatography in determining the sorption capacity of the adsorbentNaumenko, Ksenia; Frolova, Natalia; Petrusha, Oksana; Chepel, Natalia