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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Choice of optimum structure automatic packing machine for plastic food productsGavva, Oleksandr M.; Tokarchuk, Serhii; Kokhan, Olena
2013Choice of optimum structure of a packing machine for viscous productsGavva, Oleksandr M.; Tokarchuk, Serhii; Kokhan, Olena
2012Determining reasonable parameters for the functional module of moldable foods batchingGavva, Oleksandr M.; Tokarchuk, Serhii
2018Dynamics of mechatronic function modules drives of flow technological lines in food productionKryvoplias-Volodina, Liudmyla; Gavva, Oleksandr M.; Volodin, Sergiy; Hnativ, Taras
2016Fundamentals of selection process of the equipment for food production packaging linesKryvoplias-Volodina, Liudmyla; Gavva, Oleksandr M.; Derenivska, Anastasiia
2015Hierarchical structures of machines for packing of viscous and plastic foodstuff and their synthesisGavva, Oleksandr M.; Tokarchuk, Serhii; Kokhan, Olena
2015Impact of vacuum gripping system oscillation on product holding forceYakymchuk, Nikolai; Gavva, Oleksandr M.
2018Intensification of cooling of tubular blown polymeric packing films with the flowing-down liquid filmMikulonok, Ihor; Petukhov, Arkadii; Gapon, Viktor; Gavva, Oleksandr M.
2015Mathematical modeling of deformation during the flatcardboard creasingPoliezhaiev, Ivan; Gavva, Oleksandr M.
2019Mechatronic module for weight dosing of viscoplastic foodsGavva, Oleksandr M.; Mykhailyk, Borys; Kulyk, Nataliya
2023Methodology of criterion analysis and synthesis of dosing and packaging modules for bulk productionGavva, Oleksandr M.; Kryvoplias-Volodina, Liudmyla; Lukianets, Halyna
2018Modeling of extrusion-blown molding process of polymeric packageSokolskyi, Oleksandr; Mikulonok, Ihor; Gavva, Oleksandr M.; Gromova, Veronica
2018Modeling of melting process in a single screw extruder for polymer processingMikulonok, Ihor; Gavva, Oleksandr M.; Kryvoplias-Volodina, Liudmyla
2019Modeling of pneumonozzle system workRivna, Katerina; Gavva, Oleksandr M.; Kryvoplias-Volodina, Liudmyla
2018Modeling the process of polymers processing in twin-screw extrudersMikulonok, Ihor; Gavva, Oleksandr M.; Kryvoplias-Volodina, Liudmyla
2014Optimization of transportation of bulk solids food products in the linear weight feeder of packing machineDerenivska, Anastasiia; Gavva, Oleksandr M.; Kryvoplias-Volodina, Liudmyla; Kokhan, Olena
2020Practical aspects modeling of air conveying modes for small–piece food productsKryvoplias-Volodina, Liudmyla; Gavva, Oleksandr M.; Yakymchuk, Nikolai; Derenivska, Anastasiia; Hnativ, Taras; Valiulin, Hennadii
2015Rationale mode operating of mechanism for compacting bulk products in carton box in automatic packaging machinesDerenivska, Anastasiia; Gavva, Oleksandr M.; Kryvoplias-Volodina, Liudmyla
2018Realization of an optimum mode of formation of a dose of liquid production by weight metodMykhailyk, Borys; Gavva, Oleksandr M.
2014Research of the profile's geometry of screw conveyors, which are forming part of transport systems for moving carton packagesDerenivska, Anastasiia; Gavva, Oleksandr M.; Lyubimov, Valeriy