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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Conductivity of the junction: d-wave pairing superconductive graphene — normal graphene with different Fermi velocityKorol, Anatoliy; Medved, Nataliya; Vyshniak, Volodymyr; Litvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana
1976Dielectric permittivity of semiconductors with narrow forbidden gap in the long-wave limitSheka, D.; Korol, Anatoliy; Шека, Д. І.; Король, Анатолій Миколайович
1975Effect of deep impurity levels on Schottky barrier diode characteristicsKorol, Anatoliy; Kitsai, M. Ye.; Strikha, V.; Sheka, D.
2013Energy spectra of the fibonacci graphene superlatticeKorol, Anatoliy; Isai, Valeriy
2013Energy spectra of the Fibonacci superlattice based on the gapped GrapheneKorol, Anatoliy; Isai, Valeriy
2016Energy Spectra of the Graphene-based Fibonacci Superlattice Modulated by the Fermi Velocity BarriersKorol, Anatoliy; Litvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana; Baglyuk, Sergey; Isai, Valeriy
1994Energy spectrum of a hierarchical superlattice with impurities in potential barriersKorol, Anatoliy
1989Kinetics of the early growth of actinomycete streptomyces coelicolorKotov, V.; Korol, Anatoliy
2017Novel version of the Fibonacci superlattices formed of grapheme nanoribbons: Transmission spectraKorol, Anatoliy; Litvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana
1996On transport parameters of a mesoscopic crystal with impurities at potential barriersKorol, Anatoliy
2020Peculiarities of the motion of the pseudorelativistic Dirac quasiparticles in the alpha-T3 model with the step-like barrierKorol, Anatoliy; Medved, Nataliya
2001The effect of both abrupt and strong enhancement of current in the semiconductor system : Schottky barrier containing a double barrier resonant-tunneling structureKorol, Anatoliy; Tretyak, O.; Sheka, D.
2018The energy spectra of the graphene-based quasi-periodic superlatticeKorol, Anatoliy; Sokolenko, Anatoly; Sokolenko, Igor
2012The sharply nonlinear current – voltage characteristic of a structure with a quantum well built in the depletion region of a Schottky barrierKorol, Anatoliy; Nosenko, I.
2018Transmission of the relativistic fermions with the pseudospin equal to one through the quasiperiodic barriersKorol, Anatoliy; Medved, Nataliya; Sokolenko, Anatoly
2013Transmission spectra of the graphene-based Fibonacci superlatticeKorol, Anatoliy; Isai, Valeriy
1997Transmittivity of a disordered superlattice with impurities in the potential barriersKorol, Anatoliy
1995Transmittivity of a disordered superlattice with the scatterers inside barriers in the external electric fieldKorol, Anatoliy
2019Tunneling conductance of the s – wave and d- wave pairing superconductive graphene – normal graphene junctionKorol, Anatoliy
2021Volt-ampere characteristic of the superconductive nanostructure with the Andreev reflection induced by the Majorana fermionsKorol, Anatoliy; Medved, Nataliya