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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Co-extrusion products with fruit stuffingZapototska (Herasymenko), Olena; Lysyi, Alexandr; Pichkur, Vitaliy; Grabovska, Olena; Kovbasa, Vladimir
2013Effect of hydrocolloids on the stability of fruit fillingsLysyi, Alexandr; Pichkur, Vitaliy; Zapototska (Herasymenko), Olena; Grabovska, Olena; Kovbasa, Vladimir; Smirnova, Elizabeth
2017Investigation of the effect of multicomponent acidulants on the preservation of freshness and aroma of rye-wheat breadSilchuk, Tatiana; Bilyk, Olena; Kovbasa, Vladimir; Zuiko (Kulinich), Vira
2017Investigation of the efficiency of use of polycomponent acidifiers in the technology of rye-wheat breadSilchuk, Tatiana; Bilyk, Olena; Kovbasa, Vladimir; Zuiko (Kulinich), Vira
2013Natural polysaccharides as stabilizing systemsPichkur, Vitaliy; Lysyi, Alexandr; Kovbasa, Vladimir; Grabovska, Olena; Smirnova, Elizabeth
2022Reduction of acrylamide formation in molded potato chips of increased nutrition valueKovtun, Alina; Kovbasa, Vladimir; Bortnichuk, Oleg; Shevchenko, Oleksandr; Duboriezov, Oleksandr
2013Research of extruded starches propertiesMelnyk, Oksana Yu.; Kovbasa, Vladimir; Tkachenko, Nataliya
2019Research of the effect of non-transitional raw materials on the rheological indicators of the semi-finished products of formed potato chipsKovtun, Alina; Kovbasa, Vladimir; Pichkur, Vitaliy
2019Use of dried carrot pomace in the technology of wheat bread for elderly peopleHryshchenko, Anna; Bilyk, Olena; Bondarenko, Yuliia; Kovbasa, Vladimir; Drobot, Vira