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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Adsorptive purification of food raw materials and semi-finished products with help of carbon and natural adsorbentsMank, Valeriy; Melnyk, Lyudmila
2014Anomalous properties in aqueous solutions of polysaccharidesMank, Valeriy; Melnyk, Oksana; Bakhmach, Vladimir
2017Determination of oleic acid in the samples of sunflower seeds by method of NIR spectroscopyHutsalo, Inna; Mank, Valeriy; Kovaleva, Svetlana
2011Features of the formation of hydrogen bonds in solutions of polysaccharides during their use in various industrial processesMank, Valeriy; Melnyk, Oksana
2010Improvement of the quality and safety of alcohol solutions through their adsorptive refining by natural mineralsMelnyk, Lyudmila; Mank, Valeriy
2015Investigation of antioxidant properties of rape pressing oilMank, Valeriy; Nosenko, Tamara; Voloshchenko, Tetiana
2012Isoflavones distribution in the process of soy protein recoveryNosenko, Tamara; Mank, Valeriy; Maksimovsa, Olena
2012Nanocomposites based on natural polysacchride and clay mineralsMank, Valeriy; Tochkova, Oksana; Melnyk, Oksana
2013Oil seeds as a source of edible proteinNosenko, Tamara; Mank, Valeriy; Zhukova, Yaroslava
1997Peculiarity of disperse mineral wetting by sucrose solutionMank, Valeriy; Stetsenko, Natalia
2013Pumpkin seed pre-treatment prior to cold pressing to enhance oil extraction efficiencyDerbygova, Galina; Smirnova, Elizabeth; Mank, Valeriy; Usatyuk, Svitlana
2012Research of physical and chemical characteristics of phospholipids’ water solutionLazarenko, Tatiana; Mank, Valeriy
2003Technological innovations in the beet sugar productionGulyy, Ivan; Mironchuk, Valeriy; Zaets, Yulia; Kupchik, Michael; Mank, Valeriy
2012The use of starch with the addition of glauconite to create nanocomposite packaging materialsMank, Valeriy; Melnyk, Oksana
2016Use of natural oils as bioactive ingredients of cosmetic productsMank, Valeriy; Polonskaya, Tatiana
2004Using paligorskit for purifying the aqueous-alcoholic solutionsMank, Valeriy; Melnyk, Lyudmila