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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023A structural paradigm in the generalization of intermolecular interactions regularities in water under the influence of external non-reagent factorsMarynin, Andriy; Sviatnenko, Roman; Shevchenko, Oleksandr; Mykoliv, Ivan; Shpak, Vladyslav
2021Application of the Inverse Chronopotentiometry Method to Control the Content of Toxic Elements in Refining ProductionMelnyk, Oksana; Galimova, V.; Radzievska, Irina; Marynin, Andriy
2021Biosynthesis and characteriсtics of silver nanoparticles obtained using Saccharomyces cerevisiae М437Skrotska, Oksana; Kharchenko, Yevgen; Laziuka, Yuliya; Marynin, Andriy; Kharchuk, Maksym
2020Characteristics of polyamide covers for sausage productionStrashynskyi, Igor; Pasichnyi, Vasyl; Marynin, Andriy; Bozhenko, Larysa
2018Concerning the prospect of using electrochemical activation in the production of alcoholic productsKuzmin, Oleg; Marynin, Andriy
2021Determining the Nutritional Value and Quality Indicators of Meat-Containing Bread Made With Hemp Seeds Flour (Cannabis sativa L.)Bozhko, Nataliia; Pasichnyi, Vasyl; Tischenko, Vasil; Marynin, Andriy; Shubina, Yevgenia; Strashynskyi, Igor
2021Determining the properties of chia seed meal gelStrashynskyi, Igor; Grechko, Victoria; Fursik, Oksana; Pasichnyi, Vasyl; Marynin, Andriy
2023Evaluation of indicators of honey of different originSviatnenko, Roman; Marynin, Andriy; Poznyak, Oksana
2013Improvement technology semis culinary of poultryIvanov, Sergey; Pasichnyi, Vasyl; Zadorozhniy, Vyacheslav; Marynin, Andriy
2016Influence of functional food composition on the properties of meat mince systemsStrashynskyi, Igor; Fursik, Oksana; Pasichnyi, Vasyl; Marynin, Andriy; Goncharov, Georgi
2018Influence of strong pulsed electric fields on vitamins in milkSviatnenko, Roman; Marynin, Andriy; Kochubei-Lytvynenko, Oksana
2021Influence of temperature modes of processing chia seed meal gel on its rheological and functional-technological propertiesStrashynskyi, Igor; Grechko, Victoria; Fursik, Oksana; Pasichnyi, Vasyl; Marynin, Andriy
2013Investigation of a heat transfer mechanism and heat exchange intensity at some nanofluids boilingKopylenko, Anatoliy; Marynin, Andriy; Sidorenko, Svetlana Valentinovna; Timonin, Alexander; Moraru, Vasiliy; Komysh, Dmitry; Snigur, O.; Volkov, N.
2018Investigation of the effectiveness of air pasteurization of sausage products using active packing elementsPasichnyi, Vasyl; Ukrainets, Anatoliy; Khrapachov, Oleg; Marynin, Andriy; Sviatnenko, Roman; Moroz, Elena
2020Investigation of the influence of the rosemary extract on the oxidizing stability of fats of semi-smoked sausages with peking duck meatBozhko, Nataliia; Pasichnyi, Vasyl; Marynin, Andriy; Tischenko, Vasyl; Strashynskyi, Igor; Kyselov, Oleksandr
2016Non-thermal methods for whole milk treatmentUkrainets, Anatoliy; Marynin, Andriy; Sviatnenko, Roman; Pasichnyi, Vasyl; Kochubei-Lytvynenko, Oksana
2021Peculiarities of use of food fibers in the meat industryStrashynskyi, Igor; Marynin, Andriy; Ryshkanych, Roman
2021Properties of Amorphous Silica Synthesized from Copper-Smelting SlagsKurbanov, M. Sh.; Tulaganov, S. A.; Ernazarov, M.; Andriyko, L. S.; Marynin, Andriy; Shevchenko, Oleksandr
2020Protein preparations of animal origin in technology of meat semi-finished productsStrashynskyi, Igor; Pasichnyi, Vasyl; Marynin, Andriy; Stelmakh, Valeriia
2013Purposefully altered properties of meat products by nanocompositesIvanov, Sergey; Pasichnyi, Vasyl; Olishevskyi, Valentyn; Marynin, Andriy; Zakharevych, Valeriy