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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A balanced and healthy diet as a method of combating stressKaminska (Halapsina), Svitlana
2013A brief review on animal research and human health effects following the Chornobyl accidentSidorik, Evgeniy; Yakymenko, Igor
2006A complex interferon inducer potentiates the functional macrophage activity during staphylococcal infectionKarpov, Alexander
2013A concentration of organic compounds of alcoholic distillate under bioethanol productionIvanov, Sergey; Shiyan, Peter; Buliy, Yuri; Kuts, Anatoly
2015A conceptual metaphoric analysis of poverty in Marie Corelli’s novel The Sorrows of SatanMolozhon, Maria
2000A convergence class for entire Dirichlet series of slow growthMulyava, Oksana
2013A mathematical model for calculating the saturator of the sugar productionOvcharuk, Vladimir; Yushchuk, Inna; Metlov, Sergei
1993A method for determining the mass-molecular composition of microbial exopolysaccharidesVotselko, S.; Pirog, Tatiana; Malashenko, Yuri; Grinberg, Tamara
2016A new approach for controlling steam turbine of thermal power plantLymar, Victor; Shevchenko, Sviatoslav; Smirnova, Elizabeth
2013A new form of beet cossettes – the way to get and benefitsLulka, Alexander; Mironchuk, Valeriy; Adamenko, Andriy
1999A new method for construction of solutions nonlinear wave equationsBarannyk, Anatoliy; Yuryk, Ivan
2013A new method of analysis of granulated hopsLitvynchuk (Vorontsova), Svitlana; Nosenko, Volodymyr; Meletyev, Anatoly; Hutsalo, Inna
2014A New Prototype of a Food 3D PrinterCherednik, Alexander
2013A perfect product in a feel-good containerVerzhak, Victoria; Korenchuk, Catherine
1998A possible general mechanism of the signal transfer on the α/β-interferons expression. 1. The local cell membrane deformation as the first induction stageKarpov, Alexander
1999A possible general mechanism of the signal transfer switching on the α/β-interferons expression. 2. The role of the cAMP in the process of the interferon inductionKarpov, Alexander
2017A retrospective analysis of the concept of "self-regulating learning" in the philosophical and psychological-pedagogical literature of the West European educational spaceHerasymova, Olga
2023A structural paradigm in the generalization of intermolecular interactions regularities in water under the influence of external non-reagent factorsMarynin, Andriy; Sviatnenko, Roman; Shevchenko, Oleksandr; Mykoliv, Ivan; Shpak, Vladyslav
2016A study of the viscosity of water solutions of inulin – the functional food ingredientZinchenko, Natalia; Simurova, Natalia; Shelakov, Andrei
2016A study of water ice formation and melting processes on vertical cooled pipesZasiadko, Yaroslav; Pilipenko, Alexey; Forsyuk, Andriy; Gryschenko, Roman