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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Parc hôtelierPopenko, Eugene
2019Partial solutions of a system of Euler equationsYuryk, Ivan
2021Particularities Of Visual Metaphors In Advertising Campaigns About Ecological ProblemsAntonova, Olha; Sokolov, Maksym
1998Pectin's influence on the forming of the butter structureRashevska, Tamara
2008Peculiarities of C2-Metabolism and Intensification of the Synthesis of Surface-Active Substances in Rhodococcus erythropolis EK-1 Grown in EthanolPirog, Tatiana; Korzh, Yuliya; Shevchuk, Tetiana; Tarasenko, D.
2017Peculiarities of communicative language teachingYurchuk, Lyudmila; Yanenko, Larisa
2015Peculiarities of communicative language teachingYurchuk, Lyudmila
2002Peculiarities of ethanol metabolism in an Acinetobacter sp. Mutant strain defective in exopolysaccharide synthesisPirog, Tatiana; Sokolov, I.; Kuzminska, Yu.; Malashenko, Yuri
2020Peculiarities of monitoring methods of technical status of control objects based on artificial intellectTur, Ivan; Bozhok, Natalia
2001Peculiarities of positron annihilation with electrons in the vicinity of nanovoids in amorphous and crystalline triglyceridesRashevska, Tamara; Gulyy, Ivan; Nischenko, Michael; Lihtorovich, Stanislav
2018Peculiarities of removal of natural water microcomponents within the process of membrane desalination (the cases of arsenic, boron, and manganese)Melnyk, Lyudmyla
2022Peculiarities of the manifestation of self-estimetion in NUFT students participated in the volleyboll sectionPavliuk, Iryna; Khomitska (Lyashenko), Valentyna
2020Peculiarities of the motion of the pseudorelativistic Dirac quasiparticles in the alpha-T3 model with the step-like barrierKorol, Anatoliy; Medved, Nataliya
2019Peculiarities of translating economic terms from English into UkrainianBebko, Svitlana
2021Peculiarities of use of food fibers in the meat industryStrashynskyi, Igor; Marynin, Andriy; Ryshkanych, Roman
2002Peculiarities of values commodity controlArtyukh, Tatiana; Indutny, Vladimir; Tyutchenko, E.
1997Peculiarity of disperse mineral wetting by sucrose solutionMank, Valeriy; Stetsenko, Natalia
2020Pecуpcнe забезпечення ефективної діяльності підприємстваЛевченко, Юлія Григорівна; Чикаленко, Наталія Володимирівна
2012Pedagogical Basics of Using Computers in Foreign Language LearningCherednichenko, Galina; Kovalchuk, Olga
2013PektinLysyi, Alexandr