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Title: Modeling of cutting of food products
Authors: Guts, Viktor
Gubenia, Oleksii
Keywords: cutting
кафедра машин і апаратів харчових та фармацевтичних виробництв
кафедра екологічної безпеки та охорони праці
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Guts, V. Cutting of multi-layered products in food industry / V. Guts, O. Gubenіa // Journal of EcoAgriTourism. – 2012. - N1. – P. 158-161
Abstract: Most food products and some packaging materials are laminated, or have inclusions that are different structural and mechanical properties. Feature cutting multi-layer materials - increase efforts at resistance movement knife to approaching blotches. The technique of cutting research, conducted modeling the blade in multilayer products, conducted experimental research. In the results obtained a number of mathematical models of cutting in the form of second order differential equations that allow to determine the cutting force and speed of the blade in the product.
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