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Title: Hydrodynamics and heat exchange in the vacuum pans in sugar industry
Authors: Garyazha, Vladimir
Artyuhov, Yuri
Pavelko, Vladimir
Kulinchenko, Vitaliy
Keywords: цукор
heat exchange
кафедра процесів і апаратів харчових виробництв
кафедра теплоенергетики та холодильної техніки
Issue Date: 1977
Citation: Hydrodynamics and heat exchange in the vacuum pans in sugar industry / V.Garyazha, V. Kulinchenko, V. Pavelko, Yu. Artyukhov // Zeszyty problemowe postỆpow nauk rolniczych, 1977; Kijowski Instytut Technologiczny Przemy
Abstract: The efficiency of vacuum pans in the sugar industry depends on the intensity of heat exchange and on sugar massecuite circulation. The variety of the existing models-and the development of new- designs of these apparatus require an universal method for technological, thermal and hydrodynamical calculations. For this purpose some hydrodynamical and thermal regularities in the flow of massecuite and gas massecuite mixture in vertical pipes and during massecuite boiling in great amounts were investigated. The experiments were performed in a vast range of variations of working conditions and massecuite thermophysical characteristics. The relationships obtained permit to analyze the operation of the existing models and to design optimal construction elements for new vacuum pans; moreover, they enabled to develop the optimization methods and intensification processes for massecuite boiling.
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