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Title: Achieving cultural acquiescence through foreign language e-learning
Authors: Mykhailova, Nelia
Keywords: dynamic adaptation
cultural dimension
indigenous language
social dynamics
динамічна адаптація
електронне вивчення
культурний аспект
мова корінного населення
соціальна динаміка
динамическая адаптация
электронное обучение
культурный аспект
язык коренного народа
социальная динамика
кафедра іноземних мов професійного спрямування
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Mykhailova, N. Achieving cultural acquiescence through foreign language e-learning / Naykowa mysl informacyjnej powieki -2013 : Materialy IX Miedzynarodowej Naukowi-Praktycznej konferencji. - 2012. - Volume 11. Pedagogiczne nauki.: Przemysl. Nauka i studia. – P. 29.
Abstract: Summary: Many individuals, businesses, educational institutions and governments have turned to informational communication technologies (ICTs) as a cost effective way to enhance cross-cultural communication and, in particular, foreign language learning. However, although these technologies are easily accessible, they do not adequately address the cultural aspects associated with second language development. The need to learn additional language is also increasing due to migration that accompanies globalization. As people migrate from one society to another, there is an increasing need to learn the language and the culture of the host societies.
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