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Title: Fruit jelly marmalade recreational purposes
Authors: Bashta (Sheremet), Alla
Leschinska, Т.
Keywords: marmalade
fruit juice elderberry
water and alcoholic extracts of Thyme
сік плодів бузини
водно-спиртові екстракти чебрецю
сок плодов бузины
водно-спиртовые экстракты тимьяна
oregano and viola tricolor
материнки та фіалки триколірної
душицы и фиалки трехцветной
кафедра технології оздоровчих продуктів
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Bashta, A. Fruit jelly marmalade recreational purposes / A. Bashta, T. Leschinska // The Second North and East European Congress on Food “NEEFOOD-2013”, Kyiv, May 26-29, 2013. Book of Abstracts. - 2013. - P. 69.
Abstract: This work is devoted to development of a process of obtaining the fruit and jelly marmalade with pectin as structurant, gelling apple and rhubarb sauce enriched by fruit juice and black elderberry and extracts of herbs (thyme, oregano and violet).
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