Treatment of dairy effluent model solutions by nanofiltration and reverse osmosis






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Dairy industry generates a large amount of wastewaters that have high concentrations and contain milk components. Membrane processes have been shown to be convenient for wastewater treatment recovering milk components present in wastewaters and producing treated water. Materials and methods. The experiments were carried out in an unstirred batch sell using nanofiltration membranes OPMN-P (ZAO STC “Vladipor”, Russian Federation) and reverse osmosis membranes NanoRo, ZAO (“RM Nanotech”, Russian Federation). The model solutions of dairy effluents – diluted skim and whole milk were used. The nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes showed the same permeate flux during the concentration of model solutions of dairy effluents. The reason of this was likely membrane fouling with feed components. The fouling indexes indicated the fouling factor that was higher for RO. The higher permeate quality was obtained with RO membranes. The NF permeate containing up to 0.4 g/L of lactose and 0.75 g/L of mineral salts can be discharged or after finishing trеatment (e.g. RO or other) can be reused. The obtained NF and RO retentate corresponds to milk in composition and can be used for non-food applications or as feed supplement for animals.The studied RO and NF membranes can be used for concentration of dairy effluents at low pressure. They showed better performance and separation characteristics comparing with data of other membranes available in the literature.


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Kyrychuk I. Treatment of dairy effluent model solutions by nanofiltration and reverse osmosis / I. Kyrychuk, Yu. Zmievskii, V. Myronchuk // Ukranian Food Journal. - 2014. - Vol. 3. - Issue 2. - P. 281-288.