Advantages of using proteins in the production of truncated semi-finished products






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In world practice, recently, the question of using physico-chemical methods of treating biotechnological objects by means of substances of cryoprotective action is increasingly being discussed. The principle of these substances is to create an amorphous structure throughout the volume of the product and to reduce the number of crystallization centers and water activity.On the basis of proteins in blood plasma Vepro 75 PSC, wheat sodium caseinate, flax fiber and cellulose plantain were used to get protein-polysaccharide compositions with high functionaltechnological and cryoprotective properties and to produce chopped semi-products of deep freezing and extended storage at a temperature of - 18 ºС. The conducted studies confirmed that developed composite mixtures have high functional and technological properties, which increase the moistureretaining, fat-retaining ability and form stable properties of meat systems. The mechanism of action of the developed compositions is associated with the formation of an amorphous structure in the middle of meat system, as well as with the decrease in the number of crystallization centers and a decrease in water activity.


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кафедра технології м’яса і м’ясних продуктів, cryoprotectants, freezing, meat systems, food fibers, crystallization, кристалізація криопротекторів, заморожування, м'ясні системи, харчові волокна

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Kishenko, I. Advantages of using proteins in the production of truncated semi-finished products / I. Kishenko, О. Skochko // Food and Environment Safety. – Vol. XVII, Is. 3. – Р. 272-277.