Destruction of biofilms on silicone tubes under the action of a mixture of Nocardia vaccinii IMV B-7405 surfactants with other biocides






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The formation of pathogenic microorganisms biofilms on the central venous catheter is the cause of catheter-associated infections. An alternative method of combating biofilms is the use of “antibacterial” and “antifungal” locks, which are solutions of antibiotics or antifungal drugs in a mixture with other natural compounds, which can be microbial surface-active substances (surfactants) or essential oils. Aim. To investigate the role of Nocardia vaccinii IMV B-7405 surfactants mixture with other antimicrobial compounds in the destruction of biofilm on silicone tubes. Methods. N. vaccinii IMV B-7405 was grown in medium containing as carbon source purified glycerol and waste from biodiesel production, refined sunflower oil, oil after frying French-fried potatoes, Potato wedges and meat. The surfactants were extracted from supernatant of cultural liquid by modified Folch mixture. 2 mL of surfactant solutions, antifungal drugs (nystatin, fluconazole) or tea tree essential oil of the same concentration (5–640 μg/mL) were added to test tubes with silicone tubes (with pre-formed biofilm from test culture). To study the synergistic effect of the biofilms destruction, a mixture of surfactant solutions and antifungal substances (or essential oil) of the same concentration in a ratio of 1:1 (1 mL of each solution) was added to the test tubes. Sterile tap water (2 mL) was added to control test tubes instead of surfactants preparations, antifungal substances or essential oil. The degree of biofilm destruction (%) was determined as the difference between the adhesion of cells on the inner side of silicone tubes, untreated and treated with surfactants, antifungal drugs, essential oil, or their mixture. Results. It was found that surfactants synthesized by N. vaccinii IMV B-7405 on all substrates showed synergism of yeast and bacterial biofilms destruction on silicone tubes in a mixture with nystatin, fluconazole and tea essential oil in the whole range of investigated concentrations (5–640 μg/mL), but the highest effect was achieved at a concentration of 20–40 μg/mL. Thus, the degree of Candida albicans D-6, Candida utilis BVS-65 and Candida tropicalis PE-2 biofilms destruction under the action of a mixture of surfactants synthesized on waste from the biodiesel production and waste oil, with antifungal drugs was 45.8–71.8 % and was higher than with only surfactants (21.2–41.6 %), nystatin (22.4–24.1 %) or fluconazole (28.1–31.3 %). The destruction of Candida genus yeast biofilms under the action of surfactants synthesized on oil-containing substrates in a mixture with both nystatin and fluconazole reached 50.1–71.2 %, which is 10–30 % higher compared to the use of surfactants alone or only antifungal agents. The degree of Pseudomonas sp. MI-2, Escherichia coli IEM-1, Staphylococcus aureus BMS-1, Bacillus subtilis BT-2 (spores) biofilms destruction on silicone tubes treated with a mixture of tea tree essential oil and surfactants synthesized on all oil-containing substrates was 10–29 % higher than in the case of using only solutions of surfactants (11.5–45.4 %) or essential oil (21.4–34.5 %) for the tubes treatment. Conclusions. The data obtained make it possible to consider surfactants synthesized by N. vaccinii IMV B-7405 on a wide range of cheap and accessible substrates as promising components of “antibacterial” and “antifungal” locks in combination with essential oils and antifungal agents.


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поверхнево-активні речовини, антифунгальні препарати, ефірна олія чайного дерева, синергізм руйнування біоплівок, кафедра біотехнології і мікробіології, Nocardia vaccinii IMV B-7405, surfactants, antifungal drugs, tea tree essential oil, synergism of biofilm destruction

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Destruction of biofilms on silicone tubes under the action of a mixture of Nocardia vaccinii IMV B-7405 surfactants with other biocides / T. P. Pirog, L. V. Kliuchka, T. A. Shevchuk, G. O. Iutynska // Microbiological Journal. − 2021. − Vol. 83, N 4. − Рp. 43-53