Conductivity of the junction: d-wave pairing superconductive graphene — normal graphene with different Fermi velocity






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In recent years, much attention has been paid to the study of graphene and various graphene-based structures. This is due to non-trivial properties of graphene, such as a linear dispersion law for the quasi-particles, whose behavior at low energies is described by an equation similar to the DiracWeyl one, unusual quantum Hall effect, the property of chirality, the Klein tunneling, high mobility, ballistic transport etc. [1, 2]. It should also be borne in mind that graphene is a promising material in modern electronics in terms of replacing the silicon technology, the development of which has reached its limit, for the graphene one. One of the priority directions is to study the various possibilities of controlling the energy spectrum of the graphene-based structures.


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гафен, надпровідність, швидкість Фермі, провідність, graphene, superconductivity, fermi velocity, conductivity, кафедра фізики

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Провідність контакту: надпровідний графен із d-хвильовим спарюванням — нормальний графен із різними швидкостями Фермі / А. М. Король, Н. В. Медвідь, В. В. Вишняк, С. І. Літвинчук // Наукові праці Національного університету харчових технологій. - К. : НУХТ, 2018. - Том 24, № 6. – С. 143-152.