Conformational Changes in the Structure of Dough and Bread Enriched with Pumpkin Seed Flour






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Pumpkin seed flour is a promising raw material for use in the technology of various bakery products. It has a high biological value and valuable amino acid pro-file. During the technological process of making bread, there are conformational changes in the protein structure. The purpose of the study was to determine the effect of pumpkin seed flour on conformational changes in the structure of protein substances of dough and bread from wheat flour by near-infrared reflection spectroscopy. The protein profile changed to complete when replacing 10% or more of wheat flour because the score for all amino acids was higher than 100%. The utilitarian coefficient indicates the same balance of amino acids in proteins of all samples. As the percentage of substitution increases, the number of amino acids used for anabolic purposes decreases, and these are more fully utilized by the body.


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bread, dough, pumpkin seed flour, near-infrared reflection spectroscopy, protein, кафедра технології хлібопекарських і кондитерських виробів, кафедра фізики, кафедра технології м’яса і м’ясних продуктів

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Conformational changes in the structure of dough and bread enriched with pumpkin seed flour / S. Litvynchuk, O. Galenko, A. Cavicchi, C. Ceccanti, C. Mignani, L. Guidi, A. Shevchenko // Plants. – 2022. – 11. – №2762