Biotechnological potential of the Acinetobacter genus bacteria






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Until recently, there were rare scientific reports on the biotechnological potential of non-pathogenic bacteria of the Acinetobacter genus. Although the first reports about the practically valuable properties of these bacteria date back to the 70s and 80s of the twentieth century and concerned the synthesis of the emulsan bioemulsifier. In the last decade, interest in representatives of the Acinetobacter genus as objects of biotechnology has significantly increased. The review presents current literature data on the synthesis by bacteria of this genus of high-molecular emulsifiers, low-molecular biosurfactants of glyco- and aminolipid nature, enzymes (lipase, agarase, chondroitinase), phytohormones, as well as their ability to solubilize phosphates and decompose various xenobiotics (aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides, insecticides). Prospects for practical application of Acinetobacter bacteria and the metabolites synthesized by them in environmental technologies, agriculture, various industries and medicine are discussed. The data of own experimental studies on the synthesis and biological activity (antimicrobial, anti-adhesive, ability to destroy biofilms) of biosurfactants synthesized by A. calcoaceticus IMV B-7241 strain and their role in the degradation of oil pollutants, including complex ones with heavy metals, are presented. The ability of A. calcoaceticus IMV B-7241 to the simultaneous synthesis of phytohormones (auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins) and biosurfactants with antimicrobial activity against phytopathogenic bacteria allows us to consider this strain as promising for practical use in crop production to increase crop yields.


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рід Acinetobacter, поверхнево-активні речовини, біоемульгатори, ферменти, фітогормони, деструкція ксенобіотиків, кафедра біотехнології і мікробіології, Acinetobacter genus, biosurfactants, bioemulsifiers, enzymes, phytohormones, degradation of xenobiotics

Бібліографічний опис

Pirog, T. P. Biotechnological potential of the Acinetobacter genus bacteria / T. P. Pirog, D. A. Lutsai, F. V. Muchnyk // Microbiological Journal. − 2021. − Vol. 83, N 3. − Рp. 65-82