Research of the features of reactive power compensation in the combined system of food industry






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The ways of increasing operation efficiency of reactive power compensation on the plants are considered. Small capacitor units may be connected at the individual loads. Greater power – factor corrective effect for a given total capacitor kilovolt – ampere will result with the capacitors located directly at each individual load, since the current is thereby reduced all the way from the load to the source. The first cost of an installation of individual capacitors will be greater, however, than that for one unit of the same total kilovolt – amperes located at a central point. The greater saving in operating expense due to individual capacitors must be weighed against their increased first cost. The locking circuit against high voltage is presented. The problems of its engineering implementation are considered. The expediency of the use of each synchronous motor for reactive power compensation. If the load factor of a synchronous motor is less than unity, economically expedient to use fully expected reactive power output. The need to apply the power of higher harmonics filters with a distortion factor is more than 8%, which is typical for plants with thyristor converters. Recent calculated from the calculated values of the distortion factor is based on the composition and level of harmonics.


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реактивна потужність, індукції двигуна, компенсація, реактивная мощность, индукции двигателя, компенсация, reactive power, induction motor, compensation, кафедра електропостачання і енергоменеджменту

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Shesterenko, V. Research of the features of reactive power compensation in the combined system of food industry / V. Shesterenko, I. Sydorchuk // Journal of Ukrainian Food Science. – 2013. – V.1., Is.1 - P. 116-122.