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The sources, that carrier of various hazards are natural processes and phenomena, technogenic environment, and human activities (human factor). When hazards identifying that were in finding type of danger and establishing its characteristics, usually based on the principle "everything was effects on everything", that danger may be all living and a lifeless, but also can be subject to risk all the living and the lifeless. The process of identification is needed to develop the measures for the organization and the effective elimination of the consequences, especially for the prevention of the accidents in the industry enterprises. The aim of the work: to develop a method of the safety management of industrial enterprise (object) in emergency situations to prevent accidents both at work and for people was living close to industrial objects. Have been determined the quantitative evaluation indicators of the safety management system of industrial enterprise (object) emergency and criteria of regarding the level of functioning efficiency of the system.


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кафедра екологічної безпеки та охорони праці, emergency situation, safety, management efficiency, protection, чрезвычайная ситуация, безопасность, эффективность управления, защита, надзвичайна ситуація, безпека, ефективність управління, захист

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