Quality estimation of frozen desserts with polyfunctional composition






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The article analyzes the structure of consumption of animal and plant origin food products. The characteristic of milk-protein concentrates is being looked at for the purpose of their use in the technology of frozen desserts. The relevance of the development of new frozen desserts with polyfunctional composition is substantiated. The technological process of production of poly-functional ingredients soy-containing protein component and protein-herbal semi-finished product is being dealt with. Formulations of frozen desserts with proteins of various origins were developed on the basis of a complex analysis of organoleptic indicators and physico-chemical characteristics. The aim of the work is to evaluate the quality of frozen desserts with poly-functional composition. The object of research is the technology of frozen desserts.It is proved that by using the graph-mathematical method it is possible to predict the quality of frozen desserts with soy-containing protein component in the range of 40...50% and protein-herbal semi-finished products at the level of 20...25%. An analysis of the amino acid composition of frozen desserts has confirmed that the introduction of protein components of different origins in formulation will lead to high biological value products


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low-fat cottage cheese, soy-containing protein component, protein-herbal semi-finished product, сир кисломолочний нежирний, соєвмісний білковий компонент, білково-трав'яний напівфабрикат, кафедра технології молока і молочних продуктів

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Quality estimation of frozen desserts with polyfunctional composition / О. Grek, Т. Osmak (Fedchenko), L. Chubenko, A. Mykhalevych // Food and Environment Safety. – Vol. XVIIІ, Is. 1. – 2019. – Р. 36-43.