Assessment of the Components of Financial Potential of the Regions of Ukraine






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The relevance of the topic of the study is due to the fact that in Ukraine today, the need to form a perfect system of public finances, stabilize and overcome the uneven regional development of the national economy, which should guarantee a corresponding increase in the financial potential of the regions, is of particular importance. as a result of the analysis of the dynamics of the volumes of financial potential of the regions during the analyzed period, significant asymmetries were revealed, which is caused by the influence of factors of the external and internal environment, both positive and negative content, as well as different levels of economic development of the regions. results of the research The result of the study is a clear identification of the tendencies of economic development of the regions of Ukraine on the basis of their financial potential and the reasons for the deepening of differentiation of development, which makes it possible to develop recommendations for improving the formation of financial potential at the level of regions, aimed at increasing the volume of this potential, which will contribute to ensuring the growing dynamics of regional development.


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financial potential of the region, strategic directions, financial resources, фінансовий потенціал регіону, фінансові ресурси, стратегічні напрями, кафедра фінансів

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Assessment of the Components of Financial Potential of the Regions of Ukraine / N. Davydenko, A. Buryak, I. Demyanenko, M. Buryak // Journal of Optimization in Industrial Engineering. – 2020. – Vol. 14, Issue 1. – P. 57–63.