Thermodynamic analysisof sugar production heattechnological complex:analysis method






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The object of research is the heat-technological systems of sugar production and the heat-technological complex as a whole. A modern sugar factory is a complex hierarchical system of inextricably interconnected elements, and its basis – a heat-technological complex – combines the elements of technological, heat transfer, and mechanical equipment, in which complex physicochemical processes are simultaneously realized, closely interacting. Given the complexity of the internal relationships of processes, their parameters and characteristics, it is necessary to systematically approach the analysis of real functioning, performance evaluation and the solution of optimization problems of the complex as a whole, as well as its individual subsystems and elements. In this work, it is proposed a method for thermodynamic analysis of the heat-technological complex of sugar production as a single thermodynamic system, which allows to analyze the main factors influencing the energy efficiency of the complex regardless of the course of processes implemented within the system. The methodology is based on a joint analysis of the general synthetic and analytical balances of mass, energy and entropy. This model has a deep physical foundation, because the material balance equation is an integral form of the law of conservation of the quantity of matter, the energy balance equation is an integral form of the first law of thermodynamics, and the entropy balance equation is an integral form of the second law of thermodynamics. The main objective of the methodology is a quick assessment of the excellence of the heat-technological complex and its definition of “energy-saving potential”. Also, the application of the principle of energy compensation of irreversibility and entropy criteria allows to determine the sources and causes of system imperfections, and imperfections are compiled to help develop a system of measures to increase the efficiency of the optimal sequence complex. Therefore, the proposed methodology of thermodynamic analysis, in contrast to the methods based on exergy characteristics, provides a comprehensive analysis, operating only with the fundamental laws and principles of classical thermodynamics. It can also be used both to optimize the energy characteristics of existing ones and to design new sugar industry enterprises


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energy efficiency, irreversibility of processes, thermodynamic analysis, entropy method, resource-saving measures, кафедра технології хлібопекарських і кондитерських виробів, кафедра теплоенергетики та холодильної техніки, енергетична ефективність, необоротність процесів, термодинамічний аналіз, ентропійний метод, ресурсозбережні заходи

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Thermodynamic analysisof sugar production heattechnological complex: analysis method / S. Vasilenko, S. Samiilenko, V. Bondar, O. Bilyk // Technology audit and production reserves. – 2020. – T. 2, № 1(52). – Рp. 4-11