Psyllium using in the technology of meat ground semi-cooked products






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The meat semi-cooked products technology supposes to use in the recipes the functional ingredients, the range of which is too wide & finished products not always correspond to the healthy food. That is why it is appropriate enough to think about the adding of the cellular tissue during the production of healthy food. The adhesive substance, which Plantago psyllium aril contains, is very interesting: the transparent colorless thick liquid, which falls into the category of plant origin thickeners. All over the world this product is used everywhere in the food segment & as practical purposes. Psyllium doesn't disperse completely in the water , but it swells & makes heavy-bodied dispersion. The main target of this research was organoleptic estimation of meat ground semi-cooked products to find the acceptable quantity of the psyllium cellular tissue which had been added, moreover the evaluation of the ready cutlets value after the heating.


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кафедра технології м’яса і м’ясних продуктів, psyllium, poultry meat, cellular tissue, meat mince, result

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Grechko, V. Psyllium using in the technology of meat ground semi-cooked products / V. Grechko, I. Strashynskiy, V. Pasichnyi // Proceedings Of University of Ruse. – 2019. – Vol. 58, book 10.2. – Рp. 109-114