Effect of treatment modes on quality and antioxidant properties of tomato and beet processing products






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The research was conducted to substantiate the rational drying conditions of tomato seeds. The ratio and drying conditions of the composition from tomato waste with the addition of red beet were substantiated. The tomato seeds were prepared according to the traditional methodology used in the industry. From red beet and tomato waste compositions with the ratios of components 4:1, 3:1, 2:1, 1:1 were created. Tomato seeds have been dried using the convective method at the air temperature t = 50–80˚C, as well as the composition from red beets and pulp of tomatoes – at t = 60–100 ºС. The quality of dried seeds was estimated on the basis of its germinability, dried mixtures – on the content of betanin in them. When the temperature of the air increases, the intensity of tomato seeds drying increases too. Thus, the drying time reduces by 2.5 times when the air temperature is raised from 50 to 80 °C. However, qualitative seed material, which gives the germinability of 98%, has been attained at the drying temperature of 50 ºС. Non-waste processing of tomatoes involves the creation of compositions of pulp tomatoes and sliced red beets, their drying, grinding and packing. In industrial conditions, red beets need to be cut into chips, which intensifies the drying process of the composition. The slicing of tomatoes in compositions does not affect the process speed. When the air temperature increases from 60 to 100 °C, the intensity of compositions drying is raised by 1,8 times. Maximum preservation of the useful substances in the finished product results from the choice of a soft drying condition and an air temperature of 60°С. pH = 3.9 is characteristic for the ratio of red beet-tomato components 3:1 in composition, which ensures the maximum preservation of betanin (94.7%) at drying. The heat carrier temperature substantially affects the tomato seeds germinability and antioxidant properties of tomato and beet processing products.


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Effect of treatment modes on quality and antioxidant properties of tomato and beet processing products / Z. Petrova, V. Pazyuk, K. Samoilenko, O. Chepeliuk // Ukrainian Food Journal. – 2018. – Vol. 7, Issue 2. – P. 291–302.