Forecasting of qualitative indicators of albumin-vegetable mixtures during storage






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Mathematical models were received using the Rosenbrock’s function to forecast the qualitative indices ofalbumin-vegetable mixtures with apple pectin fiber (APF). The APF consists of extruded wheat mill run (60 %) and apple powder (40 %). Dietary fiber concentrates with polyfunctional properties were used to createalbumin-vegetable mixtures (AVM). The efficient use of resources and combined nutritive elements was takeninto consideration. The optimal quantity of apple pectin fiber in albumin mass constitutes 4 to 6 %. This quantity was determined organoleptically. The received samples had a homogenous, plastic consistency withAPF fractions. The taste and smell were characteristic of albumin mass with a slight flavor of apple pectinfiber. Practical application of the obtained mathematical models is forecasting changes of the indices ofalbumin-vegetable mixtures with time. The study findings can be used for the manufacture of combined foodsfrom vegetable components and by-products obtained during milk processing. It is a current trend in the dairyprocessing industry.


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albumin mass, альбумінна маса, альбуминная масса, apple pectin fiber, яблучний пектин в клітковині, яблочный пектин в клетчатке, albumin-vegetable mixtures, альбумінно-рослинні суміші, альбуминно-растительные смеси, кафедра технології молока і молочних продуктів, кафедра експертизи харчових продуктів

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Forecasting the qualitative indices of albumin-vegetable mixtures during storage / S. Ivanov, O. Grek, O. Onopriychuk, О. Krasulya // Maisto chemija ir technologija. Mokslo darbai (Food chemistry and technology. Proceedings). Kauno tecnologijos universiteto maisto institutas. - Kaunas, 2014. – T. 48, Nr. 2. – Р. 19-24.